Alexandre is a self-taught professional photographer and musician, immersed in an authentic and personal search for poetic atmospheres of the wilderness. The most important thing is the emotional connection that transports us to the heart of his subjects through the atmosphere that emanates from them.

Always in search of inspiration, he invites us to share his ethereal journey.

The Journey

An ethereal atmosphere is the one that allows the reverie and the evocation. from its interpretation, it takes us beyond the subject itself. The kingdom of our imaginary worlds.

I began my quest in the 2000's as a sort of powerful inner call, shaped by a double-edged hypersensitivity. Also a musician-composer, I think these creative impulses have been the main elements of comfort and resilience on my path. To compensate for a recurring pain in finding a place in this world as it is.

Transforming these emotions into some form of beauty has become ... Primordial.

Among all things, Atmosphere is guiding me… Always.

Because it is there where the Emotion is born. The one that connects us, the one that makes the subject alive, and vibrant through our eyes.

I have been living from my creations and sharing since 2010.

And I am infinitely grateful to have been able to inspire people through my visions, my sharing in photo workshops since 2008, my lectures, in the film "the quest for inspiration" (2012), in my book "Ethereal journey" (2016).

Alexandre Deschaumes Patagonie 2014 - Photographie de Xavier Lequarre

Alexandre Deschaumes

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Sallanches, Haute-Savoie, France